Candy Crush Developer Adds Ann Arbor Firm's Security Product

ANN ARBOR — Duo Security says its cloud based two-factor access authentication system has been adopted by, the London, England-based developer of Candy Crush games.’s 2,000 employees around the world will use Duo to verify their identity using a single click on a mobile phone app as an extra level of security beyond passwords alone.

“We needed to find an authentication solution that would work for our employees who use personal devices to log onto the corporate network,” siad Gacomo Collini, director of information security at “There was a prerequisite to meet compliance mandates for two-factor authentication, but we also wanted to add an extra layer of protection from unauthorised access for our users, networks and apps.”

Collini selected Duo Security’s cloud-based system, which eliminates the need for any on-premise hardware or software, to manage access to’s mix of both server and cloud applications. In addition Duo ensures that employees — both on site and remote — are who they say they are and that they are using secure devices to gain access to the company’s VPN.

“What particularly impressed us was the simplicity of the cloud-based system which meant that users were actually able to enroll themselves onto the system, removing the burden on IT support,” Collini said. “We also appreciated the choice of different authentication methods available including: traditional tokens, SMS or voice messages as well as using the mobile phone itself as the second factor authentication mechanism. One other key benefit is that we can apply different policies dependent on the user’s status, apps being accessed and location, which allows us to reduce our risk exposure considerably.”

Duo is also able to monitor the status of all employee devices — smartphone, tablets, laptops, PCs. Duo provides both users and administrators with early notifications about out-of-date browsers, operating systems, or plugins, such as Flash and Java, which could provide an easy target for hackers that may result in a corporate data breach.

“ is the latest company to join our roster of innovative, fast-growing technology companies that have adopted our cloud-based two-factor authentication software,” said Henry Seddon, vice president of Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Duo. “Having only recently launched into the European market, we’re committed to blazing a disruptive trail in the security market by making advanced security available and affordable to organisations of all shapes and sizes.”

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