Have Fun, Learn Lots At LTU Summer Science Camps

SOUTHFIELD — Lawrence Technological University is now accepting applications for its 2016 Summer Science Camps.

Incoming high school sophomores, juniors and seniors have their choice of several camps in June and July. Both day and residential camp options are available. All camps are held in Lawrence Tech’s state-of-the-art laboratories on its Southfield campus.

Among the available camps are:

* Forensic Summer Science Institute, June 20-24. Participants will solve a crime by using the latest in lab equipment. Participants will learn DNA analysis, drug testing, hair and fiber analysis, ballistics, gunshot residue testing, blood spatter analysis and more.

* Biotechnology Camp, July 18-22. Participants will genetically engineer bacteria, purify and quantify proteins, and learn how to clone genes. They’ll study modern DNA profiling techniques and their appliations in diagnosing diseases, tracking infection outbreaks, and solving crimes.

* Nanotechnology Camp, July 18-22. Participants will explore the mysteries of matter at the level of atoms and molecules. At the nanoscale, copper can become transparent, and aluminum combustible. They’ll learn about the unexpected behavior of materials at the tiniest scale through interactive discussions, hands-on activities and laboratory tours.

For more information on LTU’s Summer Science camps, visit www.ltu.edu/summercamps or email summercamps@ltu.edu.

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