Science Center Kicks Off ‘STEMinista Project’ To Boost Girls’ Interest In STEM

DETROIT — The Michigan Science Center is kicking off a new project to interest girls in STEM careers.

Called the STEMinista Project, the goal is to collect 150 profiles of women working in STEM careers, in STEM research, education and entrepreneurship or who have STEM degrees, to use as role models for the girls who will be involved in the program.

Women in STEM are invited to submit a biography at this Google Docs link.

The goal of the STEMinista Project is to spark and maintain interest in STEM in elementary and middle school girls. The Science Center aims to broaden the pipeline of the next generation of STEMinistas. The program will engage girls with authentic STEM experiences designed to increase their interest, confidence and skill sets in STEM. Organizers say a critical part of this process is exposing girls to role models who have achieved in STEM.

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