Continental, Visteon To Show Off Vehicle Tech At CES

SOUTHFIELD — The auto industry continues to move in a high-tech direction, as evidenced by the advanced vehicle technologies to be displayed by the auto suppliers Continental and Visteon next month at CES, formerly the International Consumer Electronics Show.

The world’s largest technology show will be held in Las Vegas Jan. 6-9.

Continental, the German supplier with its North American headquarters in Auburn Hills, will be showing the latest generation of its eHorizon technology, which transforms data from the cloud into predictions of conditions on the road ahead, reducing fuel consumption and making vehicles safer.

Continental says the static version of eHorizon, on the market since 2012, has already shown a 3 percent reduction in fuel consumption of equipped vehicles. Now, Continental is moving past a static map stored in the vehicle to using data from the cloud, including dynamic and lane-specific data such as variable speed limits, traffic lights, construction sites, and obstacles on the road, making it directly usable for vehicle electronics or to inform the driver.

Continental will have a demonstrator hybrid vehicle at CES showcasing the technology on the roads of the Las Vegas area.

Using real-time data, the Blind Curve Warning demo vehicle by Continental will demonstrate increased comfort and safety with early notification and a better understanding of the road ahead. If a vehicle or obstacle is a potential hazard to the driver, a visible warning will appear long before the driver or even the environmental sensors could recognize the trouble zone. This gives the driver ample time to maintain an informed and smooth driving experience even through ‘blind’ curves and hills.

Visteon, meanwhile, will demonstrate vehicle cockpit electronics products and technology designed to deliver a rich, connected driving experience in its 17th year as a CES exhibitor. Visteon’s exhibit will be in the Central Plaza at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Visteon president and CEO Sachin Lawande will participate on a panel on “Automotive Security Solutions – Full of Promise” from 10:15-11:15 a.m. on Jan. 6 in the North Hall of the LVCC. This panel will survey how existing and emerging technologies can deliver safer, more secure cars and driving experiences. Lawande also will participate in the J.P. Morgan 14th Annual Tech Forum on Jan. 6 at the Bellagio Hotel.

In addition to the latest technology in its core product lines, Visteon will showcase SmartCore, a security-focused approach to cockpit module consolidation that addresses the increasing complexity of cockpit electronics to improve the driving experience.

Advanced concepts will be spotlighted through an interactive vehicle cockpit simulator and two vehicles at Visteon’s exhibit. In the cockpit simulator, the latest Visteon human-machine interaction input technologies come together to deliver a unique user experience through predictive options based on contextual and historical user data. One vehicle will feature 3-D gesture technology for driver information and infotainment systems that can reduce driver distraction and enhance the user experience. The other vehicle will have a windshield head-up display, with an extra-large, high-resolution screen capable of delivering contextual information to the driver without being prompted for it.

Highlights of Visteon’s core product lines at CES will include:

Instrument clusters – Larger, higher-resolution displays, migrating toward 3-D graphics, are the new norm, and Visteon will showcase advanced clusters that provide driver information for all vehicle segments, including high-end, fully reconfigurable clusters.
Head-up displays – Visteon will display multiple applications, including four levels of products that bring head-up technology to mass-market vehicles.
Information displays – Automotive-ready concepts on display will incorporate the consumer appeal of sleek design, craftsmanship and touch capability while utilizing the latest in display technology, including curved lenses optically bonded with formable touch sensors and flexible displays.
Infotainment – Based on Open Standards technology, Visteon infotainment systems provide embedded content, a driver-centric user interface and enhanced cyber security.
Connected audio – Visteon’s OpenAir® audio products combine smartphone and wearable content with an intuitive interface for a superior listening experience.
Connectivity and telematics – Visteon will highlight global solutions designed to provide safe, seamless connectivity in and around the vehicle, keeping it up to date with the next generation of technology and services.

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