AT&T Joins Gigabit Internet Parade

DETROIT — AT&T Inc. says it is planning to expand its gigabit-speed AT&T GigaPower service to homes, apartments and businesses in the Detroit area during 2016.

The exact locations and timing of the new service in the Detroit area is not yet available, the telecom giant said.

The announcement was part of an AT&T press release touting GigaPower rollout in 38 additional metropolitan areas across the United States, including metro Detroit, in addition to the original 18 metrpolitan areas already announced.

Jim Murray, AT&T Michigan president, said in a statement: “Bringing AT&T GigaPower to metro Detroit is big for businesses and residents throughout the region, and is yet another example of the continued investment and innovation AT&T is bringing to our customers in Michigan. Demand for high speed data grows with each new app and online service, and AT&T is delivering to meet that demand.”

Nearly two years ago, AT&T launched the first AT&T GigaPower metro in Austin, Texas. This launch led to a major expansion in multiple metros beginning in 2014. AT&T recently marked a major milestone deploying the AT&T GigaPower network to more than 1 million locations, and the company says it expects to more than double availability by the end of 2016.

AT&T said GigaPower service will allow customers to download 25 songs in less than a second, a TV show in three seconds or an HD movie in less than 36 seconds.

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