AT&T Speeds Up Service In Central, Northern Lower Michigan

DETROIT — AT&T Inc. said it had added a new cell tower to its 4G LTE network in Mount Pleasant to give customers faster, more reliable wireless service.

The change will help customers get the most out of their mobile devices. With 4G LTE service, they should see better service when they’re watching videos, posting to social media or texting family and friends.

AT&T also said it had added new 4G LTE service to Thompson’s Harbor State Park in Posen is getting new 4G LTE service, while Grand Traverse State Park in Traverse City received additional capacity, making the cell site stronger in order to handle more traffic, resulting in faster speeds and more reliable service.

The upgrades at the state parks are among a total of six sites within Grand Traverse, Presque Isle, Mecosta and Cheboygan counties.

The improvements were made in the vicinity of the following cities:

* Big Rapids: south of Milton Road, east of North Fourth Avenue
* Cheboygan (two sites): near south Huron and Mill streets and near Old Mackinaw and Nipigon roads
* Garfield Township: Hartman Road, east of US-31
* Posen: Thompson’s Harbor State Park, south of US-23 and east of M-65, near Grand Lake Highway, and along Clinton Creek Road
* Traverse City: Grand Traverse City State Park, along Parsons Road, south of US-31

Over the last 6 years, 2009 to 2014, AT&T invested nearly $140 billion including investments in its wireless and wireline networks and acquisitions of wireless spectrum and operations — more in the United States than any other public company.

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