Altair Adds Combustion Tech To Alliance

TROY — The Troy-based engineering technology developer Altair announced that Lund Combustion Engineering – LOGE AB has joined the Altair Partner Alliance, adding its LOGEsoft and LOGEengine software for chemical kinetics modeling and internal combustion engine simulation.

“LOGEsoft and LOGEengine are meant to bridge the gap
between fundamentals in chemistry and applied engineering,”
said Fabian Mauss, CEO at Lund, Sweden-based LOGE. “Our software helps engineers access the latest research in chemistry in combustion and chemical engineering, which is important information during the design process.”

LOGEsoft performs combustion and chemical kinetics
simulations for all reactive systems with a unique solver for
complex chemical systems. It is also capable of predicting
emission levels of soot, NOx, CO and unburned
hydrocarbons. The software offers affordable computation
times compared to computational fluid dynamics analysis with the complement of detailed chemistry.

LOGEengine contains an intelligent tool for automatic
simulation tuning, which aims to take experimental data to a
complete case when coupled with Logesoft in-cylinder
combustion models.

LOGEsoft and LOGEengine are suited for applications where
combustion engines are applied, with specialties in the
modeling of in-cylinder combustion, including those of
detailed emissions models, exhaust after-treatment and
biomass gasification.

To learn more about LOGE and the software, register for an
introductory webinar taking place Dec. 8 at 9 a.m.  and 1 p.m. Eastern time, or visit the LOGE solution page.

Altair’s HyperWorks platform applies a subscription-based licensing model in which customers use floating licenses to access a broad suite of Altair-developed, as well as third-party, software applications on demand. The Altair Partner Alliance effectively extends the HyperWorks Platform from more than 20 internally developed solutions to upwards of 60 applications with the addition of new partner applications. Customers can invoke these third-party applications at no incremental cost using their existing HyperWorks licenses. For more information about the Altair Partner Alliance, visit

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