Southfield Accounting Software Developer Rolls Out Inventory Module

SOUTHFIELD — The Southfield business software developer Gravity Software has announced the release of the Gravity 2015 Inventory module.

Gravity says the module gives small and medium-sized businesses the ability to track their products wherever they conduct business. Each location can control its own pricing, reordering and stocking characteristics. Gravity’s cloud financial software is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and provides the advantage of having financials and CRM fully integrated.

In addition to multi-location inventory and real-time inventory tracking, Gravity provides all the recognized costing methods: First In, First Out (FIFO); Last In, Last Out (LIFO); Weighted Average; Standard Costing and Specific Identification.
Gravity’s Inventory Advanced Pricing features provide powerful, yet flexible pricing options for customers, such as:
Pricing by Customer
Pricing by Customer Type
Pricing by Item and Item Type
Pricing by Unit of Measure
Quantity Breaks

“Most entry level accounting packages do little to accurately track and properly cost inventory,” said John Silvani, president & CEO of Gravity Software. “Too much inventory and you are tying up capital and ultimately wasting money. Gravity’s Inventory Module allows customers to easily manage re-order points, minimum and maximum inventory levels and show a real-time available to promise.”

Gravity’s features are designed for companies that have outgrown their entry level accounting solutions like QuickBooks, providing real-time visibility of inventory status and inventory requirements.

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