Ann Arbor Firm Offers 2016 Election Research Tool

ANN ARBOR — The Ann Arbor video marketing technology developer Skipstone LLC has rolled out a new website,, that offers a new way for voters to research candidate’s positions on issues that are important to them.

Because is powered by Skipstone’s patent-pending Interactive Video Platform, voters will be able to hear a candidate’s presentation of their overall message, and during that message, ask a question directly to the candidate’s video. A pre-recorded answer to a voter’s question will play, allowing the voter to hear the candidate’s position directly from a candidate’s pre-recorded video.

There’s also an app version of the AskLearnVote system, available free in the App Store for IOS and Android.

“There is what we call an engagement wall between voters and candidates, between consumers and brands,” Skipstone founder and CEO Troy Ontko said. “This wall means that too often we hear candidate’s positions from sources other than the candidate themselves. Too often information is out of context, or candidate’s words are twisted in a headline and too often we hear information about candidates from someone who has an agenda. Skipstone technology allows voters to virtually go directly to the candidate and hear their position in the candidate’s own words. Skipstone technology tears down the engagement wall.”

Added Katherine Mills, Skipstone director of sales and marketing: “There is no need for voters to sift through information they are not interested in or that may not be accurate. They simply ask their question and get their information directly from the source. This should be the basis of researching candidates — hear their position and then hear what others have to say about those positions.” will feature candidates seeking their party’s nomination for president. Voters and others simply click a candidate’s video and engage.

Campaigns will have the option of sending their Skipstone through social media to better share their message. Candidates will have the opportunity to submit content that better reflects their view, and are invited to contact Skipstone at

Skipstone is hosting this service as a news source for voters; there is no charge to campaigns for Skipstone views. The company said it is seeking sponsors for the service.

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