Grand Haven Firm Launches Advanced Christmas Tree Lights

GRAND HAVEN — This Christmas season, a Grand Haven-based lighting startup called GeekMyTree is giving festive consumers a way to wow friends with a first-of-its-kind indoor light show experience.

The company’s flagship product, Animated GlowBalls, provides an affordable, hassle-free way to create sophisticated, brilliant, full-color light shows for six- to eight-foot-tall Christmas trees.

Animated GlowBalls are available now at the GeekMyTree website, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth – the world’s largest Christmas store – and at

GeekMyTree’s Animated GlowBalls combine ease of use and premium features in a way that exceeds those of competing LED lighting products. With its unique vertical hanging system, lights go from box to full-color animated display in about 10 minutes. No programming is necessary as Animated GlowBalls come pre-loaded with 16 effects. Plus, through a free smartphone app, users can obtain more free and low-cost, professionally-designed effects and create a playlist of their favorites. The pre-programmed effects are capable of far more than “blink” or “chase” patterns, which tend to be the limit of competing products.

The company also says its products offer durable, high-quality components. Each Animated GlowBall contains two full-spectrum LEDs, providing vivid 360-degree illumination in every visible color – the same high quality one would find on LED concert screens. The company says most competing products rely on low-grade, 7-color bulbs. Also, at 50,000-plus hours of useful life, Animated GlowBalls will last much longer than most alternatives.

“In all my years as the light buyer at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, I have never been as excited as I was when I met Brad Boyink,” said Sandra Schafsnitz of the world-famous store. “Within the first five minutes, I knew he had a home run product. Ever since the introduction of pre-lit trees, our customers have asked for ways to achieve a custom look with specialty lights, but none has been available. Animated GlowBalls from GeekMyTree is the first product to solve this problem.”

For founder Brad Boyink and the GeekMyTree team, Animated GlowBalls are only the beginning. The company is already developing a version 2.0 for 2016 that will include choreographed music. In addition, GeekMyTree plans to introduce a window kit and effects for other holidays. The company says it strives to deliver novel experiences for the holidays with no need for complex programming, and without the frustration of tangled wires.

For a video on GlowBalls, visit More about the company at

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