New LEDs From Muskegon Firm

MUSKEGON — The Muskegon-based LED lighting manufacturer EarthTronics has released “Plug and Play”: and direct wire linear LED tubes as an energy-efficient replacement for T8 fluorescent bulbs for office, retail, hospitality, restaurant and long-term care applications.

These Design Light Consortium (DLC)-listed bulbs feature glass tube construction that ensure proper system cooling to support high lumen maintenance over the 50,000-hour rated life of the product. The long rated life combined with 30 percent energy savings delivers a quick return on investment with total lifetime savings that can exceed $88 per lamp at an 11-cents-per-kilowatt-hour energy cost.

The “Plug & Play” LED is designed for nearly any fixture that accepts T8 fluorescent lamps working on an instant start electronic ballast. No electrician and no outside labor is necessary — users simply change the lamp to start saving energy.

The EarthTronics Direct Wire LED is designed with an internal driver to eliminate the ballast from the circuit. Users simply cut the ballast out of the circuit and “direct wire” to the 120 or 277 volt power supply.

For both T8 LED tubes, options include two light levels, 1800 and 2200 lumens, and three color choices, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. All feature excellent color rendering of greater than 80. The nearly 300-degree beam spread provides even illumination. Energy savings of more than 30 percent from these 16- to 18-watt lamps provide a quick return on investment.

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