Broderick Tower Becomes Base For Detroit High Speed Internet

DETROIT — The Broderick Tower building at 11 Witherell St. in downtown Detroit has become home to a new business internet and cloud service offering from Southfield-based ManagedWay Co. and Detroit-based Metro Wireless International Inc.

ManagedWay has delivered high capacity bandwidth via proprietary fiber directly to the Broderick Tower, from which Metro Wireless is then able to provide high speed connections to Detroit businesses over fiber or wireless Ethernet.

Plans with speeds of 5 megabits per second to 10 gigabits per second are available, starting at $199 a month.

“This partnership combines the assets of two leading data service providers to create outstanding value for our Detroit area businesses,” said Robert Sanders, president of ManagedWay. “Our fiber networks connect directly to our data centers enabling customers to get the coveted combination of speed and reliability while also leveraging the benefits of the cloud.”

Added Dominic Serra, owner of Metro Wireless: “We already connect to more than 100 buildings in Detroit. The Broderick Tower is ideally located to allow us to quickly and efficiently connect new customers in the city. There is no reason for Detroit businesses to wait for the enterprise-grade internet they need. It’s here now.”

After evaluating multiple potential locations, ManagedWay and Metro Wireless determined that the Broderick Tower offered the best combination of location, value and technical capability. From this flagship location, the partners will be able to service virtually the entire downtown area.

The Broderick Tower, completed in 1928, stands 34 stories or 369 feet tall. That allows the service to be delivered wirelessly up to 10 miles away. The service has nine other points of presence in the Detroit area, with more coming online next year.

In today’s data driven economy, internet services have a direct impact on a company’s ability to do business and gain competitive advantages. According to Serra, “This project represents a significant investment that can help Detroit businesses to significantly increase their data capabilities.”

Sanders noted that many of the new customers in the city are apartment building owners: “These owners understand that people moving into the city demand and expect reliable technology. Adding our incredibly fast internet and cloud services help distinguish their building from others in the area.”

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ManagedWay operates highly secure, scalable and redundant data centers in Troy and Byron Center. Metro Wireless is a provider of last mile Internet and Ethernet services primarily utilizing fixed wireless technologies and fiber optics. The company also installs and operates carrier grade WiFi systems in the private and public sectors. The two companies have collaborated on other projects.

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  1. Ian Crook Post authorReply

    “Plans with speeds of 5 megabits per second to 10 gigabits per second are available, starting at $199 a month.”

    So….200$ for 5mbs down/up? If that’s correct, that’s atrocious.

    • Chris Post author

      Hah, I am glad I am not the only one who saw that

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