New Simulation Software From Altair

TROY — The Troy engineering technology developer Altair
has announced the availability of SimLab 14.0, the newest
version of Altair’s leading software for simplified modeling
solutions for complex analysis problems.

SimLab is a process oriented, feature-based finite element
modeling software that allows the user to quickly and
accurately set up simulations for engineering problems of the
most complex assemblies.

SimLab automates meshing and modeling tasks to reduce
human errors and time spent when manually creating finite
element models and interpreting results. SimLab is not a
traditional off-the-shelf pre- and post-processing software, but
a vertical application development platform for capturing and
automating modeling processes.

The 14.0 release has been designed with the needs of users
in mind. SimLab 14.0 introduces a new graphic user interface,
based on a framework which all HyperWorks software
products are moving towards. Altair is committed to the
usability of its tools and improved efficiency of workflow.

“SimLab 14.0 represents a first step in the transition to the
new HyperWorks user experience. We feel the learnability
and efficiency have been significantly improved while
maintaining very familiar workflows for the experienced
users,” said James Dagg, CTO at Altair.

Additionally, SimLab 14.0 comes with Japanese language
support, a new ribbon interface based on self-explanatory
icons, improved optimization workflow, redesigned dialogs, a
custom toolbar to create user defined workflows and a variety
of enhancements for its solver interfaces. This version also
consolidates the user interface (UI) on Windows and Linux
operating systems which enables users to work seamlessly
between the two platforms.

Registration is now available for the SimLab 14.0 Rollout
Webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 10 a.m. Eastern time.

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