New Service Offers ER Doc Via Computer

ANN ARBOR — Ann Arbor-based Emergency Physicians Medical Group PC has announced a new partnership to provide patients the ability to connect to an experienced emergency physician for medical diagnosis and treatment using a computer or mobile device.

The service, called CAREnQ, uses technology and communication to connect patients conveniently, privately and securely to a doctor from the comfort of home, work or school.

The online urgent care telemedicine service, which is compliant with federal healthcare data security and privacy laws, offers diagnosis and treatment of common minor and often recurring illnesses such as sinus discomfort, colds, flu, pink eye, bronchitis, rashes, and more.

EPMC’s partner in the effort is the Milwaukee-based physican group Infinity HealthCare Inc.

Under CAREnQ, patients in Michigan and Wisconsin can now experience a time and money saving medical care alternative to traditional doctor visits. Rather than scheduling appointments, delaying care and driving to an after-hours clinic, patients can promptly video conference with a local U.S. board-certified emergency medicine physician — eliminating hassle while safeguarding against exposure to other public illness.

“It’s like an old-fashioned house call reinvented for the digital age,” said CAREnQ CEO Michael J. Baker, MD, FACEP. “CAREnQ eliminates the traditional barriers between patients and quality care with no appointments and no waiting room. The service allows people to stay healthier by seeing the doctor more easily.”

To connect to a doctor, patients may visit or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once they complete a health questionnaire, users are connected to a local emergency physician — often in less than 15 minutes. Medications, if prescribed, are electronically submitted to the patient’s pharmacy of choice.

CAREnQ services patients 2 years and older in Michigan and Wisconsin (the company says Illinois service iscoming soon). Virtual consultations are $49, payable by debit, credit, or FSA / HSA cards. Service is available seven days a week.

CAREnQ is also customizing virtual care services and programs with local employers, insurers, institutions and health systems to bring this new level of care to our communities aiming to foster a healthier workforce and reduce overall healthcare expenditures.

“Time and health are of the essence, especially for busy families,” said EPMG president and CEO Christopher Newton, MD, FACEP. “The ability to provide an alternative model of urgent care will revolutionize our healthcare delivery, and help meet modern healthcare needs.”

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