Troy LED Firm Licenses Patents To Atlanta Lighting Maker

TROY — The Toggled LED lighting business unit of the Troy
engineering technology developer Altair announced that
Norcross, Ga.-based Halco Lighting Technologies had joined
Toggled’s licensing program.

As a licensee, Halco Lighting Technologies now has access
to Toggled’s broad portfolio of more than 60 patents primarily
related to LED replacements for fluorescent tubes, commonly
referred to as TLEDs.

“We are extending our patents to licensees in the LED
lighting industry to accelerate the availability of high-quality
LED lighting to businesses and consumers,” Toggled
president Dave Simon said. “The growth we have
experienced in recent months helps leverage our continued
research and development of advanced LED technologies.”

To learn more about Toggled’s licensing program and to
become a Toggled licensee, visit
or email

Founded in 1974, Halco Lighting Technologies provides a
wide variety of lamps, luminaries and ballasts to the electrical

Toggled manufactures commercial grade LED lighting for
distribution worldwide. The company’s products significantly
lower electricity costs and deliver high-quality light in office
settings, industrial environments and living spaces. Toggled
products are also available at The Home Depot. More at

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