Saturday Course At ESD Offers Electric Engineering Refresher

SOUTHFIELD — Holders of the Professional Engineer certification in Michigan who need professional development hours — and who want to brush up on their electrical engineering skills — can accomplish both Saturday, Sept. 26 at The Engineering Society of Detroit.

A few seats remain open for week’s Electrical Engineering PE Continuing Education class, “Electric Power Transmission & Distribution.”

The course costs $125 for non-members and offers four hours of credit. It runs from 1 to 5 p.m. at ESD Headquarters, 20700 Civic Center Drive, Suite 450, in Southfield.

To register or for more information, visit or contact Fran Mahoney at or (248) 353-0735, ext. 116, or Elana Shelef at or (248) 353-0735, ext. 119.

The course covers the following electric power issues:
* System Representation
* Voltage Drop
* Power Factor Correction
* Modeling of Transmission Lines
* Load Sharing
* Fault Current Analysis
* 3-Phase Short Circuits
* Unbalanced Short Circuits
* Grounding
* Transformer Connections
* Instrument Transformers
* Wattmeters
* Insulation Testing
* Ground Resistance Testing
* Protection against Lightning and Surges
* Illumination
* Demand and Energy Management
* Overcurrent Protection Relays
* Fuses and Circuit Breakers
* Coordination

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