The ESD Podcast: Jim Bolton, Value Engineering Expert

SOUTHFIELD — Value Engineering can produce huge
benefits for any organization, in terms of quality and financial

In this Engineering Society of Detroit Podcast, you’ll meet
James D. “Jim” Bolton, a veteran value engineer, who will
describe how his Bolton Value Consulting LLC business improves the bottom lines of some of the world’s foremost companies. (Click on the “Play” button below to listen to this brief, informative podcast.)

The Value Methodology, otherwise known as Value Analysis,
Value Engineering, Value Management, or Value Control, is a
proven technology that has saved millions of dollars for major
and small organizations globally for more than 50 years.

These organizations include health care, manufacturing,
construction, transportation, environmental, energy,
government, and many other process industries. ASTM
E1699-13 explains the standard practice for performing Value
Engineering (VE)/Value Analysis (VA) of projects, processes,
and products. In addition, in the USA, the Office of Federal
Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget
issued a final revision to Circular A-131, “Value Engineering”
in December of 2013 to update and reinforce policies
associated with the consideration and use of Value
Engineering within the federal government.

In addition to the potential cost savings opportunities, the
value methodology also has the potential to improve quality,
develop innovative ideas, and ensure that the right product is
being developed by the company. This is accomplished by
engaging multi-disciplined teams using the following tools of
Voice of the Customer, competitive analysis, Quality Function
Deployment, and TRIZ (the theory of innovative problem
solving) to ensure that the best value is designed into the new
product or process from the beginning before the concept is
even completed.

Bolton Value Consulting is unique in comparison to many
other value consulting companies because it has first-hand
experience in all of these tools as well as in-depth experience
in integrating these tools with Design for Manufacturing and
Assembly methodology and lean principles for products,
processes, and projects.

This is backed up by the experience of the company owner,
Jim Bolton, whom has led two major companies, TRW
Automotive and Whirlpool Corp., in developing successful
internal global Value Engineering and Design for Value
programs respectively.

At TRW, he started in 1997, eventually creating a full-time
Value Engineering department of 78 staff that delivered more
than $140 million in annual savings using VM. He joined
Whirlpool Corp. in 2008, where he was the Global Design for
Value Leader.

As a consultant, he has led more than 450 studies using value
analysis, value engineering, DFMA, lean, TRIZ, and
competitive teardown tools.

Bolton has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical
engineering from Purdue University and is a former president
of SAVE International, the international nonprofit association
for value engineering. He is a professional engineer in the
states of Michigan and New York, and has the Certified Value
Specialist – Life and Professional Value Management
certifications. He is also a Black Belt in Six Sigma and TRIZ.

More about Bolton’s company at

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