Protect Against Identity Theft With Tuesday Event At ESD

SOUTHFIELD — The Engineering Society of Detroit will host a program, “The Realities of Identity Theft,” on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Jill Feeney, LegalShield independent associate, will present the facts about identity theft.

The event begins with registration and networking from 6:30 to 8 p.m., at ESD Headquarters, 20700 Civic Center Drive, Suite 450, Southfield.

The recent onslaught of data breaches has increased the public’s awareness of the alarming realities of identity theft and its potentially devastating impact on individuals, families and businesses.

In fact, there’s a new identity theft victim every two seconds, and Michigan is in the top 10 states for incidences of tax identity theft. Also, data breaches hit a record high in 2014 with an increase of 27 percent over 2013.

This seminar will educate participants on the types of identity theft — it’s not just about credit cards and bank accounts. Feeney will also cover the ways in which our information is taken and used, the various kinds of identity theft services available, and tips on safeguarding your personal information. Her presentation will give consumers and business owners a broad and realistic understanding of this crime. After attending, participants will be able to make better and more informed decisions when putting a plan in place.

There is no charge to attend, but preregistration is required.

Register online at this link or call (248) 353-0735 to register by phone.

ESD has partnered with LegalShield to offer affordable legal and identity theft protection programs. For more information on LegalShield, visit this link.

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