Secure-24 Adds Cloud Engineering Desktop Service

SOUTHFIELD — The managed IT services provider Secure-24 has rolled out a managed, cloud-based engineering desktop for engineering firms that combines commonly used computer aided design resources into one service.

Secure-24 says the company’s new Engineering Desktops offering simplifies the management of engineering workstations used for 3D intensive applications such as AutoCAD, CATIA, Revit and Photoshop and secures high-value creative content by providing a virtual desktop with a dedicated, hardware-based graphics processor, in the company’s secure data centers.

Secure-24 says the product will offer customers a reduction in capital expenditures of high-use graphic workstations, reduced overhead of maintaining these workstations, increased data security, and faster onboarding of new engineering, design and creative staff.

“Standard engineering workstations are costly to procure and maintain, and can lead to data security issues by storing creative data locally,” said Scott McIsaac, CTO at Secure-24. “Our Engineering Desktops replace the need for high-end workstations with cost-efficient 3D virtual desktops. This solution provides engineering and design users with a fully-managed, high-performance, highly secure infrastructure that will allow them to increase productivity, decrease overall costs and enable collaboration between distributed teams.”

Users can connect to Secure-24’s Engineering Desktops securely using multi-factor authentication, decreasing the likelihood of unauthorized access. Data is secured by Secure-24’s Defense in Depth model in secure data centers, eliminating the risk associated with storing creative data on local workstations. The company’s 3D virtual desktops also provide enterprise backups and recovery of data in the event of data loss. In addition, Secure-24’s concurrent model enables additional staff to access graphics processing resources, reducing the amount of workstations required by a customer.

Secure-24’s Engineering Desktops use VMware Horizon View, software that brings full desktop functionality to web browsers, and run on a cluster of high-performance servers with the latest NVIDIA Grid K2 Graphics Cards, enabling designers, architects and engineers to run the most advanced, graphics-rich applications in a remote desktop—using NVIDIA professional 3D graphics and certified application drivers.

For a demonstration of Secure-24’s Engineering Desktops or to learn more about this new fully-managed solution, contact More at

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