Kettering, Michigan Tech Top Graduates’ Salary List

HOUGHTON — Michigan Technological University ranks first among public universities in Michigan for the mid-career salaries earned by its graduates.

In’s latest College Salary Report, Michigan Tech also ranked 13th nationwide for mid-career salaries of graduates of public universities and 20th in the nation for mid-career engineering salaries.

The median mid-career salary reported for Michigan Tech was $99,900. The report also listed early-career salaries, defined as earnings by graduates who have been working five years or less in their fields. Michigan Tech graduates’ median early-career salary was $62,800, placing Tech seventh among public universities nationally. defines mid-career as 10 years or more of work in a field. Median means that half of those surveyed earned more and half earned less.

Kettering University in Flint topped the Michigan list, with early career pay of $64,700 and mid-career pay of $102,000. The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor was third on the list, with figures of $58,000 and $96,000 respectively. Lawrence Technological University was fourth, with figures of $56,600 and $94,000, and the University of Michigan – Dearborn was fifth, at $50,100 and $89.400.

Rounding out the Michigan top 10 were MIchigan State University, Oakland University, Alma College, Calvin College, and Wayne State University.

The 2015-16 College Salary Report ranked more than 1,000 4-year colleges and universities, both public and private.

By’s salary metrics, the top schools in the nation are small colleges with strong engineering programs. “The colleges with the highest-earning alumni almost all have one thing in common – they produce a lot of engineers and other workers with valuable STEM degrees,” says the College Salary Report.

The report showed that 76 percent of Michigan Tech bachelor’s degrees are in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. At Kettering, the figure is even higher — 96 percent. It’s 28 percent at UM’s Ann Arbor campus, 55 percent at Lawrence Tech, and 29 percent at UM-Dearborn.

The report also listed the majors that lead to the 10 highest paying careers. They were, in order: petroleum engineering, nuclear engineering, actuarial mathematics, chemical engineering, electronics and communications engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical and computer engineering, systems engineering, aeronautical engineering, and tied for 10th, computer engineering and mining engineering.

The 10 lowest-paying majors: early childhood education, child development, child and family studies, counseling, early childhood and elementary eduation, human services, youth ministry, elementary education, social work, and biblical studies.

Michigan Tech vice president for student affairs and advancement Les Cook had this to say about the numbers: “The latest rankings from payscale are exciting and reflect the high demand for Michigan Tech graduates. Employers are looking for Michigan Tech graduates. We had record numbers of companies and students at our Career Fairs last year, and if early numbers are any indication, we will surpass those records this fall.”

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