Webb Rolls Out SmartCart Training Program

FARMINGTON HILLS — Jervis B. Webb Co. announced a new training program to teach customers how to maintain and modify its SmartCart Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) systems without outside assistance.

Currently, three courses are being offered as part of the “Smart Handling University” program with several more planned for the near future.

“Our SHU training program will teach customers how to care for and control their systems on their own.” said Rob Schmit, Webb president. “Taking these training courses will help reduce maintenance costs for our customer who are always looking to improve their knowledge about their SmartCart systems.”

Courses run two to three days and include hands-on training. They are designed for technicians, maintenance workers and engineers, and are held at Daifuku North America’s demonstration center in Wixom.

Current courses include:

* SmartCart AGC Product Introduction – teaches the
basics about SmartCart AGCs;
* CartTools – a programming course that provides in-depth discussions about CartTools commands and programming best practices; and
* System Automation Manager (SAM) General Training – WHICH provides information on how to use the SAM to its fullest potential.

There is a fee for some courses. To register, visit this link.

SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts are automatic guided vehicles that Webb says are reducing operation costs for hundreds of companies around the world. SmartCart AGCs are available in numerous models and are ideal for moving products on an assembly line, transporting goods throughout a plant or warehouse and any other applications involving the reliable movement of materials.

Jervis B. Webb Company is a subsidiary of Japan’s Daifuku. It develops material handling technologies such as automatic guided vehicles, automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyors, baggage handling systems, bulk handling systems, cleanroom systems and airport maintenance services.

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