iDashboards Launches Free Academic Edition

TROY — The business intelligence dashboard software developer iDashboards has launched a new academic edition that will be available to graduate level students through universities’ graduate program professors.

The Academic Edition offers professors that teach graduate programs with concentrations in analytics, marketing, technology, business and engineering free dashboard software for their students that visually displays information for substantial projects. The unique dashboards provide students with access to hundreds of pre-designed charts, graphs and maps that can turn a thesis-worth of statistics into insightful, visually engaging displays that can help students succeed while also giving them a competitive edge as they enter the workforce.

“The dashboards help graduate students translate classroom experience into boardroom success by providing data visualization that empowers them to excel in their courses and provides them with technology skills that enhance resumes,” said iDashboards CEO Shadan Malik.

To learn more about the iDashboards Academic Edition and get started on a free edition, visit

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