CGE Energy Delivers Complete Turbine Design

BRIGHTON — The wind turbine designer CGE Energy (OTC: MKBY) said Thursday it had delivered an improved design for its WIND-e20 vertical axis wind generator to the engineering team at Burtek Enterprises, CGE Energy’s manufacturing and assembly partner.

The design includes the extensive computer generated data package and complete bill of materials.

Originally unveiled July 31, 2012, WIND-e20 is CGE’s exclusive and patented vertical axis wind turbine that is designed for distributed energy generation. Hydraulically collapsing blades, trim-flap braking systems, and an environmentally friendly removable footing are among its advancements in wind turbine technologies and installation methods.

“The WIND-e20 design we delivered represents our years of design, testing and refinement,” said CGE Energy design engineer Dennis Azzopardi. “Today was one of those milestone days, like seeing your child off to college. Burtek has been a true partner and aided us in implementing cost saving improvements over the past year.”

CGE officials said Burtek staff will spend the next few months on an engienering tech, verifying final material strengths necessary to meet the WIND-e20’s 20-plus-year operating life, stringent safety requirements and energy production specifications.

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