GE Gets Fermi 2 Plant Outage Work

DETROIT — Detroit-based DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE) has awarded outage services work to GE Power & Water (NYSE:GE) through GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and GE Power Generation Services for the utility’s Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant in Newport, near Monroe.

GE Hitachi will provide outage and inspection services related to the boiling water nuclear reactor at the Fermi 2, while GE Power Generation Services will provide inspection and maintenance services to the main generator and six turbine valves. The services will be provided during an outage this fall.

Fermi 2 is a 1,170-megawatt boiling water reactor that has been operating since 1988. The reactor has the capacity to provide clean, carbon-free electricity to more than 1 million homes. Global Nuclear Fuel, a GE-led joint venture, has provided fuel to the plant since the initial core load.

In addition to providing maintenance services to its existing unit, GE Hitachi also has partnered with DTE Energy in the new plant’s space. In April, the utility received approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license to construct and operate a GEH Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor on the Fermi 2 plant site. Issuance of the license concluded a six-year process that examined the technical, safety and environmental aspects of the potential 1,500-MW unit. The license marked the first for an ESBWR and came on the heels of the reactor’s NRC certification in 2014.

More at and GE Power & Water is based in Schenectady, N.Y., and GE Hitachi is based in Wilmington, N.C.

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