3D Geometry Tech Added to Altair Partner Alliance

TROY — The Troy-based engineering technology developer Altair Inc. said that Hamamatsu, Japan-based Elysium Co. Ltd. had joined the Altair Partner Alliance, adding its 3D geometry healing and translation software CADdoctor.

CADdoctor understands multiple computer aided design formats and product data quality criteria to easily translate and repair data as well as simplify geometry to reduce file size for more efficient computer aided engineering analysis.

CADdoctor is equipped with a standalone user interface, which applies the built-in geometry healing module, Data Exchange Kernel. DEK can understand the characteristics, representations, tolerances, and more of various CAD systems to guarantee an accurate translation to support the data preprocess for CAE analysis.

“This will expand the CADdoctor market, specifically to those hoping to re-use 3D CAD data from designing for their CAE analysis.” said Kentaro Fukuta, general manager of the global business team at Elysium. “CADdoctor, an industry-proven application for 3D data translation and optimization, will strongly support Altair customers in the time reduction of the preparation for CAE analysis. By removing complex and detailed features such as holes and fillets, enveloping huge assembly models, and generating mid-surfaces, CADdoctor will reduce the overall time for analysis, increase the success rate and accuracy of CAE analysis, and more.”

In addition to data translation, CADdoctor includes modules for cleaning up messy geometry. The technology can automatically and interactively detect and repair errors, generate mid-surfaces from detailed solid models, repair and optimize polygon data. It can also equalize polygon elements without sacrificing the geometry outline and compare CAD files before and after engineering changes, translations and more, with a visual color map accompanied by the necessary numerical values.

“CADdoctor is a great addition to the Altair offering,” said James Dagg, CTO of modeling and visualization at Altair. “Its impressive geometry modification and cleanup capabilities complement Altair products like HyperMesh and Inspire, and we are very excited for our customers to benefit from these tools.”

To learn more about CADdoctor, register for the introductory webinar taking place July 21 at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern time or visit www.altairalliance.com.

Altair’s HyperWorks platform applies a subscription-based licensing model in which customers use floating licenses to access a broad suite of Altair-developed, as well as third-party, software applications on demand. The Altair Partner Alliance effectively extends the HyperWorks Platform from more than 20 internally developed solutions to upwards of 60 applications with the addition of new partner applications. Customers can invoke these third-party applications at no incremental cost using their existing HyperWorks licenses.

More about Elysium, which has an office in Southfield, at www.elysium-global.com.

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