Livonia Auto Supplier Adds Camera, Radar Systems

LIVONIA — ZF TRW, the Livonia-based auto suppler now owned by Germany’s ZF Friedrichshafen AG, has introduced a number of passenger car and radar systems.

ZF TRW has launched its first production passenger car and commercial vehicle combined camera and radar systems. The company says the combination of ZF TRW radar and camera offers vehicle manufacturers and their customers a highly sophisticated and robust system that helps meet ever-increasing market and regulatory requirements for high level safety systems.

“Fusing the data from camera and radar every 30-40 milliseconds helps to confirm when a situation warrants action from on-board systems, such as rapid braking via the electronic stability control system for automatic emergency braking,” said Ken Kaiser, vice president, engineering for the ZF TRW global electronics business. “These are highly complementary sensing technologies – radar is excellent for range and relative speed measurement, while cameras are best for lateral measurements and accurate recognition of objects. This same sensor set can be used with multiple radars and cameras and combined with ZF TRW’s advanced safety domain electronic control unit to enable partially automated vehicle functions that will eventually evolve into the highly automated vehicle systems of the future.”

ZF TRW also announced initial contracts for its next-generation camera system – the S-Cam4 family – with an unnamed European auto manufacturer.

“This fully scalable family of cameras is designed to meet the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for advanced driver assist system technologies while supporting the evolution toward automated driving,” said Peter Lake, ZF TRW executive vice president of sales and business development.

The S-Cam4 family includes a single lens, mono-camera version based on a standard housing and mechanical package designed to help meet test protocols such as EuroNCAP pedestrian triggered automatic emergency braking and new potential requirements including a crossing bicycle AEB test. The camera family also includes a premium three lens TriCam4 version to support advanced semi-automated driving functions.

The next-generation single lens unit builds on the recently launched S-Cam3 mono camera, while the three lens camera adds a telephoto lens for improved long distance sensing, and a fish-eye lens for improved short range sensing. This combination is ideal for semi-automated driving functions such as highway driving assist and traffic jam assist. The S-Cam4.x family will be equipped with Mobileye’s Eye Q4 image processor and object recognition algorithms together with ZF TRW’s longitudinal and lateral control algorithms to further enhance performance in premium DAS and semi-automated applications.

Finally, ZF TRW announced that the S-Cam 3 is starting production for the first time across four major global vehicle platforms.

The camera is launching on a number of compact C and D segment sedan and crossover vehicles in Europe, North America and Asia through the end of 2015. Offering six times the processing power of previous generation cameras, the technology offers functions including traffic light detection, large animal and general object detection, and automatic emergency braking for pedestrians at night.

ZF acquired TRW Automotive on May 15. More at

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