Deadline Near For Cyber Summit Presentations

SOUTHFIELD – The deadline is fast approaching for proposing a presentation for the 2015 North American International Cyber Summit.

The deadline is the close of business Wednesday, May 13.

The 2015 North American International Cyber Summit, the fourth Michigan Cyber Summit hosted by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 26, with an invitation-only reception taking place the evening of Sunday, Oct. 25. It will be held at the renovated Cobo Center in Detroit.

The Summit will bring together experts from across the globe to address a variety of cyber security issues affecting business, education, information technology, economic development, defense, law enforcement and personal use. The agenda for the event will feature internationally recognized keynote speakers as well as experts from around the country. Attendees will include educators, health care professionals, and representatives of government agencies and businesses of all sizes.

Presentation time slots are 30 to 45 minutes and may feature a case study or proven example that addresses cyber security and awareness in the following areas: business; education; home users and families; law enforcement; government; defense; healthcare; and finance/

Presentation ideas include but are not limited to innovations and enterprise security; systems security and the Internet of Things; mobile security; protection of critical infrastructure, organizations and individuals against cyber attacks; cybersecurity research frontiers; enterprise vulnerability management; cyber breaches, case studies and examples; cyber security trends; strengthening security infrastructure; designing and managing effective information security programs; how hackers operate; security risks in mobile computing; cybersecurity education; and careers in cybersecurity.

Submission abstracts should be no longer than one page, although graphs and charts may be attached to the submission. Be sure to provide an outline of the benefits attendees will take away from your presentation. Submit abstracts via email to

If your presentation is accepted by the Planning Committee, you will be notified of your acceptance by June 15.

For more information, please contact Leslie A. Smith, CMP, Senior Director of Programs at (248) 353-0735, ext. 152 or

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