Oil Industry Tech Firm to Resell Altair’s PBS Professional

TROY — The engineering technology developer Altair announced Tuesday that Rock Flow Dynamics, a provider of software and services to the oil and gas industry with headquarters in Moscow and Houston, Texas, is now a globally authorized reseller of PBS Professional, Altair’s supercomputer workload manager and job scheduler.

The agreement allows Rock Flow Dynamics to sell PBS Professional to users of its industry- leading reservoir simulation product, called tNavigator. Altair announced tNavigator support for PBS Professional last October.

Used by thousands of companies worldwide, PBS Professional enables engineers in HPC environments to improve productivity, optimize resource utilization and efficiency, and simplify the process of cluster workload management.

“Reselling PBS Professional lets us provide greater value to our users,” said Kirill Bogachev, chief technology officer of Rock Flow Dynamics. “PBS Professional is fully integrated with tNavigator, so users can be sure of optimal throughput and performance. Now, by acquiring this integrated solution as a single purchase from Rock Flow Dynamics, users have a simple path for getting up and running quickly with a tightly integrated solution for reservoir engineering.”

Rock Flow Dynamics says tNavigator is the only product on the market that can dynamically combine a fully interactive three-dimensional graphical user interface and a record-breaking parallel supercomputing engine. The product’s core algorithms are based on the latest scientific developments in reservoir engineering and provide optimally efficient use of modern computing platforms. As a result, tNavigator provides superior performance and unparalleled user efficiency for reservoir engineers at the corporate reservoir simulation centers and in the field.

“This reseller agreement is a win for oil and gas companies and their engineers, who can now simplify and accelerate adoption of HPC systems for reservoir analysis,” said Bill Nitzberg, chief technology officer for PBS Works at Altair. This agreement offers a new option for engineers who need robust, scalable, high-end systems to support their compute-intensive work.”

For more information on PBS Professional and its benefits for users in the energy industry, visit the oil and gas solutions section at www.pbsworks.com.

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