Secure-24 Boosting Speeds Of Data Storage, Managed Services

SOUTHFIELD — The Southfield managed data services provider Secure-24 is introducing a faster “flash” data storage service at Collaborate 15, an Oracle technology and applications forum being held this week in Las Vegas.

Secure-24 says the new technology offers faster data response for critical applications at the same price as earlier storage systems that offer slightly slower speeds.

Secure-24 said the new systems, now installed at its data centers in Michigan and Nevada, offers “the perfect balance between high-performance and cost effective storage options.”

Secure-24 CTO Steve McIsaac said the new offering is “performance-based storage … for high end applications that need very fast performance.” It uses faster, solid-state drives and a network configuration tilted a bit toward speed over protection against multiple drive failures.

Said McIsaac: “Our flash offering is based on an all solid state driving offering — there are no spinning disks in the solution, and it is optimized for extremely high I/O workloads.”

McIsaac said Secure-24’s tests of the new offering shows “upwards of 10 times performance improvements by just moving workload to this offering. The great part is we have been able to keep the cost the same as our previous performance tier, but deliver the improved performance.”

Secure-24 said the new systems are “particularly ideal for customers running heavy workloads on mission critical applications including SAP, Oracle and custom enterprise applications. It will help eliminate storage based performance issues, allowing companies to accelerate their business by alleviating long process run-times for reporting and reducing the need for costly performance tuning and troubleshooting. It also has advanced security features that encrypt data at rest to help provide maximum security without sacrificing performance.”

Secure-24 says its clilents will have the option of adopting a flash storage solution or a capacity-based storage solution. The two-tier approach allows clients to migrate heavy workloads to flash, while continuing to run lower performance applications on a lower cost storage solution.

Among the early adopters of Secure-24’s new service is Multiquip, a Carson, Calif.-based manufacturer and supplier of industrial products.

“Secure-24 saved us a tremendous amount of engineering hours by researching, planning and delivering our IT environments on next generation flash storage infrastructure,” said Michael Hanken, vice president of IT at Multiquip. “First tests showed that the speed and performance of Secure-24’s flash solution will save us significant time on all of our database-intense transactions and reports.”

To help businesses assess and migrate to this enhanced flash storage architecture, the company has enhanced its Premier Services group to include cloud transformation services. The group will advise on IT discovery, stabilization and consolidation. It also helps clients undergoing large organizational changes such as a merger, acquisition or divestiture as well as evaluates current IT environments and explores the performance gains companies may receive from flash storage.

For more information about Secure-24’s flash storage capabilities or Cloud Transformation Services, visit the company at Collaborate15 booth 1217 or contact Andrew Bradbury, business development manager at Secure-24, at

Visit to learn more about Secure-24 products and services.

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