Webb Lets LTU Students Know About Case Studies, Career Opportunities

FARMINGTON HILLS — The material handling product and service provider Jervis B. Webb Co. says its engineers taught first-year mechanical engineering students about its systems, projects and career opportunities in a recent meeting.

“Faster and more efficient systems are in constant demand to build or move products more efficiently throughout manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers,” said Rob Schmit, Webb president. “The future in material handling is bright because this industry is constantly evolving and demands innovative ideas from our engineers.”

The students will also visit Webb’s demonstration center in Wixom this week to see live demonstrations of Webb’s automated equipment, including the SmartCart automatic guided cart, which is designed to move material throughout a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or distribution center. The SmartCart AGCs are guided by magnetic tape and can easily be reconfigured to create new routes for the vehicles.

Webb also offers a comprehensive co-op andiInternship program for college students. Students are teamed with experts in mechanical, electrical, controls, software and application engineering. They are also exposed to every department to learn all aspects of the business.

Webb is a subsidiary of Daifuku North America Holding Co., the U.S. subsidiary of the Japanese material handling firm.

More at www.DaifukuNA.com

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