LLamasoft Buys IBM Supply Chain Applications Business

ANN ARBOR — The Ann Arbor supply chain design software developer LLamasoft said Wednesday that it has acquired IBM’s LogicTools supply chain applications business unit.

This acquisition will include IBM’s LogicNet Plus, Inventory and Product Flow Analyst and Transportation Analyst products as well as related technology and the support team for the software. LLamasoft will begin providing software maintenance, support and services to all LogicTools customers effective immediately.

Company officials said the acquisition is part of LLamasoft’s continued investment and growth in the supply chain design and planning software market. For each of the last three years, LLamasoft has moved up the ranks on Deloitte’s Fast 500 list of fastest growing North American technology companies, last year ranking 139 with 830 percent five year compounded annual growth. This growth highlights the increased focus on supply chain analytics and optimization as a competitive imperative within global companies across a wide range of industries.

“This strategic acquisition further solidifies LLamasoft’s status as the clear global leader in supply chain design technology,” said LLamasoft founder, president and CEO Donald Hicks. “We’re incredibly excited to have the opportunity to serve LogicTools customers and welcome them into the LLamasoft user community — the largest community of supply chain designers in the world. Supply chain modeling is a must-have capability to survive and thrive in rapidly changing global market conditions.”

More information about the LLamasoft acquisition of LogicTools: http://www.llamasoft.com/LogicTools

More about the products:

* LogicTools Inventory and Product Flow Analyst provides supply chain inventory management and optimization for manufacturers, retailers and distributors. It helps maintain right-sized inventory levels to meet fluctuating supply and demand, often resulting in cost savings between 15 and 35 percent. LogicTools Inventory and Product Flow Analyst enables the optimal use of supply chains to promote profitability, efficiency and revenue growth.

*LogicTools Inventory and Product Flow Analyst provides service-level optimization throughout the supply chain, handles unique supplier sourcing costs and incorporates them into your business model, uses a global, multi-echelon inventory optimization process for improved decision making, calculates the optimal cost strategy for the whole network, and offers expansive inventory strategies through integration with other LLamasoft supply chain solutions.

* LogicTools LogicNet Plus XE provides supply chain network optimization and supply chain design tools. It helps manage business growth by evaluating your current supply chain network and determining where and when to add new facilities. LogicTools LogicNet Plus XE is a prebuilt decision support solution for ongoing strategic planning of supply chains. LogicTools LogicNet Plus XE enables you to perform contingency planning to improve responses to unexpected events, analyze what-if scenarios to better understand the impact of adding or removing plants and warehouses on the distribution and manufacturing network, improve customer service to respond better to customer pressures and competitive threats and to support revenue growth, optimize production sourcing decisions for improved decision management processes, and help reduce overall supply chain costs by 5 to 15 percent.

* LogicTools Transportation Analyst provides vehicle routing and shipment planning to optimize utilization of your transportation assets. It creates optimal transportation plans for multisite, multitier distribution networks. LogicTools Transportation Analyst uses routes, shipment consolidation and backhauls to optimize the use of available capacity. LogicTools Transportation Analyst provides detailed transportation analysis of various network designs to determine network impact on fleet size and multistop routes, a cost-and-benefit analysis of business rules based on what-if scenarios, and expansive impact analysis of new network designs through integration with other systems.

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