Verizon, Techweek Sponsoring Big Tech Conference In Detroit

SOUTHFIELD — Verizon Wireless is partnering with the technology conference promoter Techweek on the Techweek Detroit 2015 conference April 13-19, part of its Emerging Cities Summit series.

Verizon Wireless Region President Lauren-Love Wright, a Detroit native, will keynote the summit.

“Our mission is to build a better world through tech entrepreneurship,” said Sam Kennedy, executive director at Techweek. “Techweek Detroit brings together tech leaders and innovators who are rebuilding the city.”

Among the conference’s offerings, Verizon is presenting a summit designed to focus on the ways technology can enhance and strengthen municipal operations, with an overview of Verizon’s Smart Cities technologies, which combine real-time information and analytics to develop strategies to improve infrastructure, plan for long-term growth, create more energy-efficient environments, and keep people safe.

Verizon says it has invested $100 million in wireless network improvements for key parts of Detroit. Overall, Verizon has spent $2.7 billion on wireless network investments in Michigan since 2000. Verizon continues to add extra capacity in high-traffic parts of Detroit, including both XLTE and small cell deployments, which deliver faster peak data speeds and a minimum of double the bandwidth to 4G LTE customers.

To learn more about Techweek Detroit, visit Most TechWeek events will be Thursday, April 16 and Friday, April 16, with events being held at Ford Field, the M@dison Building at 1555 Broadway, and TechTown, 440 Burroughs.

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