Veteran Software Exec Offers Cloud Financial Suite, Gravity

SOUTHFIELD — Longtime Detroit-area software executive and entrepreneur John Silvani has launched Gravity, an online business management application.

Gravity is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online platform. Gravity says that will give small and midsized businesses the advantage of having financials and customer relationship management fully integrated on one platform.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosts over 40,000 companies worldwide.

With Gravity, users can navigate on one screen through its back office financial business systems to front office sales, service and marketing.

“This is an exciting time to be part of the Gravity Software team as an increasing amount of SMBs are adopting cloud based applications,” said Randall Ykema, CTO of Gravity Software. “When we considered the needs of businesses and the solutions we wanted to bring to market, we evaluated several development tools and platforms. We felt the combination of Microsoft’s development tools along with Dynamics CRM gave us the greatest platform for offering a complete toolset to aid smart businesses growth.”

Gravity says its system makes it simple for businesses to operate from anywhere, at any time, with low startup costs. Said Silvani: “Our goal is to fill the gap between the lower end applications like QuickBooks and higher end applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP. Over time, Gravity will provide SMBs more than just accounting tools to our customers. We are passionate about helping companies become smarter.”

The company said the system will be available as a monthly subscription starting in April.

More about Gravity Software LLC at

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