Hilton Grant To Truven Funds Research On ACA, Teen Substance Abuse

ANN ARBOR — The Ann Arbor healthcare research firm Truven Health Analytics Monday said it was onke of three partners in a $1.35 million, three-year grant from the Conrad Hilton Foundation to determine the effects of recent healthcare legislation on adolescent substance abuse care.

The other partners are the Legal Action Center, the New York City-based non-profit law and policy organization that fights discrimination against people with histories of addiction, HIV/AIDS, or criminal records, and the Treatment Research Institute, the Philadelphia-based nonprofit that translates research into policies and programs to treat substance abuse.

Truven says it will use its insurance claims data to analyze how the full range of adolescent prevention and early intervention services — available as a result of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (Parity Act) – are being offered, and to what extent insurers are implementing these services.

Said Tami Mark, vice president for behavioral health and quality research at Truven Health Analytics and the lead researcher on the grant: “At its root, substance use disorder is a developmental disease. Addressing risky substance use by adolescents in primary care settings is critical to preventing risky use from progressing to addiction and, ultimately, to saving lives.”

The three-year project will document and analyze the status of ACA and Parity Act implementation with respect to substance abuse screening and prevention; evaluate whether and how primary care providers deliver substance abuse prevention and early intervention; inform and educate purchasers, payers, and other stakeholders of the services mandated by law; and ensure that providers understand federal confidentiality rules.

“We know youth are particularly vulnerable to the harms associated with substance misuse, and if we can help prevent them from using or intervene early it is unlikely they will develop a substance use disorder,” says Steven M. Hilton, chairman, president and CEO of the Hilton Foundation. “We believe the project at hand and the partners leading it will significantly improve the use of evidence-based approaches to preventing, treating, and ultimately reducing substance use among adolescents.”

For more information, visit www.truvenhealth.com.

The Hilton Foundation conducts strategic initiatives in six priority areas: providing safe water, ending chronic homelessness, preventing substance abuse, helping children affected by HIV and AIDS, supporting transition-age youth in foster care, and supporting the work of Catholic nuns. The foundation has $2.4 billion in assets and distributed $92 million in 2013. More at www.hiltonfoundation.org.

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