DTE, Detroit Tech Firm Team Up On Energy Efficiency App

DETROIT — The Detroit utility holding company DTE Energy and the Detroit design and technology firm Vectorform Wednesday announced a joint venture to provide the industry’s most effective energy-efficiency mobile platform allowing customers to significantly improve home energy consumption and increase energy savings.

The joint venture, to be called Powerley, was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The partnership will combine Vectorform’s expertise in inventing digital products and experiences with DTE’s expertise in delivering energy efficiency programs. The Powerley platform is designed to allow utility companies to present real-time energy consumption information to their customers.

Customers will enjoy the digital application platform’s real-time energy insights, allowing them to track their energy consumption patterns, set goals, tackle energy-saving projects and compare usage with friends they choose to compete against.

The two companies said their research shows customers want real-time data and this information can drive significant energy savings. Until this real-time technology was brought to market, utilities could only provide dated information to customers.

“When DTE Insight was launched last July, DTE Energy became the first utility to offer an interactive, real-time mobile application tool for customers to understand and reduce their energy usage,” said Dave Meador, DTE Energy vice chairman and chief administrative officer. “It’s been met with tremendous customer interest and usage, and this joint venture will help take the technology to other utilities looking for similar solutions.”

By combining Android and iPhone devices with the Powerley Energy Bridge and an advanced home energy meter, Powerley provides customers with complete, real-time breakdowns of their energy consumption.

Powerley features include;
* The fastest real-time energy platform designed to give customers a second-by-second look into their energy consumption data.
* Personalized energy saving tips and projects that suggest and encourage home improvement projects specific to each home.
* Weekly challenges designed to engage and reward users for saving energy.
* A community where users can connect with friends, build groups, compare performance, share encouragement and view energy-saving insights.
* Reward points that can be earned as customers save energy and complete challenges.

The patent-pending PowerScan tool gives iPhone users the ability hold their phone up to the power cord of any electrical appliance to view its energy consumption and monthly operating cost.

“There is a significant market in the United States for smart home and energy-related devices, and other utilities have expressed interest to license or purchase the technology,” DTE’s Meador said. “We’re looking forward to our continued partnership with Vectorform to make this technology available to all.”

More information at www.powerley.com.

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