Brighton Firm Gets Wind Turbine Patent Notice

BRIGTON — CGE Energy, a Brighton-based green energy company, said it had received a Notice of Allowance for its patent application of Feb. 21, 2012 titled “Fluid driven vertical axis turbine.”

This patent includes multiple independent claims that cover many aspects of CGE Energy’s WIND-e20 vertical axis wind turbine, including its easy delivery, collapsible blades and crane-less installation.

“It has been a long patent process, especially when you are inventing technologies that will revolutionize the renewable energy sector,” said CGE Energy President and CEO Bryan Zaplitny.

The patent covers the hydraulic locking joints within the turbine’s segmented blades, which allow them to collapse flat against the rotor. In another claim in the patent, a hydraulic lifting and transport frame enables the turbine to be delivered on a flatbed truck. It also allows the turbine to lie flat for maintenance without the need of a crane.

These features are advances over traditional horizontal wind turbines, which are assembled after delivery and require costly cranes for installation and repair.

Collapsible blades not only ease delivery and maintenance, but also guarantee better security. WIND-e20 can automatically collapse its blades at the first sign of hurricane winds. This means it can survive in some of the windiest locations on the planet, including the Caribbean, where WIND-e20 technology will be used in the near future. Burtek Enterprises, a military contractor, is CGE Energy’s  partner for the manufacturing of WIND-e20.

View CGE Energy’s innovative process for WIND-e20 installation at this link.

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CGE Energy’s green energy portfolio includes the WIND-e20 wind turbine, SolarWorld solar generation and Cree LED lighting. The company merged with a green energy predecessor company, McKenzie Bay International, Jan. 31.

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