Dow Supplies Aluminum Bonding Adhesives For Ford F-150

AUBURN HILLS — Dow Automotive Systems, a business unit of Midland’s Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE: DOW), announced that it is supplying structural adhesives for the 2015 Ford F-150.

With a front-end, cab, box and tailgate made out of aluminum alloy and a frame made out of high-strength, lightweight steel, the F-150 utilizes Betamate structural adhesives for durability, weight reduction and improved manufacturing efficiencies.

“Dow Automotive Systems has worked closely with Ford to customize an adhesive solution for the F-150 that supports their specifications for design, manufacturing and sustainability,” said Dow Automotive president Steve Henderson. “This type of
collaboration delivers great results. We can tailor materials like adhesives to meet very specific targets and support a wide range of objectives across the entire vehicle platform. The Ford F-150 is an exciting demonstration of the strength of aluminum in meeting lightweight objectives and is an impressive industry milestone.”

In addition to supplying Betamate adhesives for use in structural applications in the Ford F-150, Dow Automotive is also the supplier of Betaseal glass bonding adhesives, which is the windshield bonding material in the F-150.

Dow Automotive Systems produces structural, elastic and rubber-to-substrate adhesives; polyurethane foams and acoustical management products; composite technologies; films and fluids with an emphasis on achieving customer and corporate
sustainability goals.

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