New DNA Analysis Software From Ann Arbor Firm

ANN ARBOR — Gene Codes Corp. Monday announced the release of version 5.3 of its Sequencher DNA sequence and analysis software.

The company said Sequencher 5.3 adds a new algorithm suite, called
Cufflinks in the industry, to its long list of DNA sequence analysis features, as well as improvements to Sequencher Connections, its newest architecture for DNA sequence analysis.

The new software also adds new visualization tools for DNA expression analysis.

“As with the other NGS (next-generation sequencing) tools we feature, Cufflinks is wrapped in Sequencher’s easy-to-use GUI, making the normally challenging command-line process easy,” said Howard Cash, CEO at Gene Codes.

Another big change in Sequencher 5.3 is the enhancements to Sequencher Connections. Introduced in Sequencher 5.2, Sequencher Connections is a new interface that allows users to run multiple analyses in parallel by setting up different channels. Each channel is a different analysis and can include several different kind of searches.

In Sequencher 5.3, users can customize their session names and analyses. With sessions now saved with the project file, they can re-run analyses at any time with new parameters.

“We felt that Sequencher Connections, with its ability to run multiple analyses in parallel was a real game changer. With these enhancements in 5.3, Connections will be an even more valuable tool for researchers,” said Michelle Ginsburg, Ph.D., Gene Codes’ product manager. “We strive to give researchers the tools they want and provide them in a way that makes it easier to get the results. Connections provides a platform for future services based on customer feedback. The RNA-Seq tools were added because many users expressed the desire to do RNA-Seq analysis using the Sequencher platform that they were so familiar with.”

Click here for a brochure on Sequencher 5.3.  Click here to download Sequencher 5.3.

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