HydroDesigns Announces New Name, New Website

TROY — The Troy-based water connection control developer HydroDesigns said this week it had changed the company’s name to HydroCorp Inc. and has launched a new website, www.hydrocorpinc.com, that provides content and resources for the safety of potable water systems.

HydroCorp protects drinking water systems for industries and municipalities across North America, with a broad range of services and documentation to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal safe water regulations.

“There are a number of important reasons behind the new name,” said HydroCorp president and CEO John Hudak. “We needed a name that suggested the broader service set and larger capacity we now provide, compared to when we started the company. However, one thing that will not change is the team our customers have come to trust. There are no changes to company ownership, management or staff.”

Company services include water system surveys and compliance audits, cross-connection control program management, inspections and surveys; backflow prevention assembly testing and management; water sampling, analysis, and risk assessments; piping system drawings and mapping; and backflow prevention and cross-connection control training.

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