LLamasoft In New Partnership For Freight Market Intelligence

ANN ARBOR — The Ann Arbor supply chain management software developer LLamasoft Inc. has announced an integration into its Data Guru data analytics application with Freight Market Intelligence Consortium data from Atlanta, Ga.-based Chainalytics, a provider of supply chain consulting and analytics.

Data Guru now offers joint Data Guru and Chainalytics customers seamless access to Chainalytics’ freight market intelligence data, which represents more than $20 billion of North American freight market information from more than 100 of the world’s leading shippers.

Supply chain designers, modelers and analysts who seek to develop optimal supply chain networks must choose from a wide range of possible vendors. Without access to Chainalytics’ freight market intelligence, their supply chain models rely on approximations or carriers’ standard aggregated market rates. By using Chainalytics’ integrated freight market intelligence within Data Guru, joint customers now have secure access to predictive models at the click of a button. They can quickly access, manipulate and load transportation rates through the Data Guru data analytics application to ready it for supply chain modeling and ultimately supply chain optimization.

As business conditions change, Chainalytics periodically updates FMIC’s transportation market data to ensure its accuracy for analytical work. Data workflows developed within Data Guru’s drag-and-drop interface linking sources of information such as FMIC to key analytical processes are automatically documented, reducing time and effort required for supply chain analyses.

“Supply chain modelers have historically estimated transportation costs for different network alternatives based on limited information and simplistic, aggregated approaches. But transportation costs can range up to 80 percent of total supply chain costs, so access to sophisticated, timely market intelligence is key to their network modeling efforts’ accuracy and long-term success,” said Matthew Harding, principal of Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence Consortium. “LLamasoft Data Guru users now have access to the world’s most sophisticated freight market intelligence solution to easily manipulate and mine the data within one tool set. This combined solution will really benefit companies who want to closely evaluate the cost and service trade-offs in their supply chain designs.”

Added LLamasoft vice president for solutions strategy Jeff Metersky: “LLamasoft is continually seeking ways to make supply chain design faster, easier and more impactful for global businesses. By offering customers integration to powerful Chainalytics FMIC freight market data through our Data Guru product, we’re enabling a higher degree of accuracy and a repeatable process for continuous supply chain improvement.”

A webinar on the integration will be held at noon Eastern time Wednesday, Feb. 11. More at www.llamasoft.com.

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