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ROCKFORD — The Rockford software firm JobFlex has announced changes to its software pricing structure, in what it says is a response to the needs of small-to-mid-size businesses in the wake of the current construction industry labor shortage.

The company said that both its Basic and Pro JobFLEX Plans can now be paid on a monthly basis, without an up-front investment.

The latest National Association of Home Builders survey data shows that 46 percent of builders reported a shortage in the labor directly employed by their firms. This number jumped significantly from 20 percent in 2012 and 28 percent in 2013. The shortage is felt even more in the subcontracting arena, with 51 percent reporting labor shortages. In the same survey, 36 percent of builders stated projects have become unprofitable, while 18 percent said the shortage of labor has forced them to turn down projects or slow the rate of incoming work.

JobFlex, which includes both an online portal and a mobile app, allows businesses to create professional estimates quickly and efficiently in the field, even when staffing is low. Once a material and pricing list, logo and terms and conditions are uploaded, the app is ready to use. With the new pricing structure, the Basic Package, which includes the mobile app, customizable materials list, support and training, file directory and one user is $45 a month. The Pro Package, priced at $95 a month, includes the Basic Package, plus customer management features, scheduling and calendar applications, data import, standard reporting features and five users.

The company says early adopters of JobFlex, including GreenFit Homes of Rockford, have reported strong returns through using the software — a one-month payback and a profitability increase of more than 50 percent.

The company said JobFlex estimating software is designed to focus on four key components to running a successful contracting business:
* Flexibility: Generate proposals on-site to facilitate sales more quickly and efficiently.
* Simplicity: Create attractive and effective proposals for customers to sign on the spot, leading to higher close rates.
* Efficiency: The paperless estimating process keeps job files readily
* Profitability: Higher quote volumes lead to higher revenues.

“With the current industry climate and labor shortage, small to mid-sized businesses often don’t have the manpower to generate the number of quotes necessary to stay profitable, nor do they have the ability to invest a large sum of money in software up-front,” said Kim Phillipi, JobFlex president and CEO. “The new JobFlex pricing structure allows them to purchase the software with a small monthly payment, simplify and speed their quoting process, resulting in increased revenues.”

For a JobFlex product demo and a 30-day free trial, visit

(Photo: JobFlex software at work at a construction site.)

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