Webb’s SmartCart Featured In Auto Application

FARMINGTON HILLS — Jervis B. Webb Co. announced Friday that its SmartCart automatic guided cart system has been featured in a cover story in the trade publication Modern Material Handling about the automotive supplier Magna Internatinoal.

The article highlights the operation fo Magna’s TEAM Systems plant in Toledo, Ohio, and the recent addition of Webb’s SmartCarts. The carts are used as a mobile assembly line for building front-end modules for Jeep’s Wrangler and Cherokee models, and fascias for Cherokees.

Parts are placed on SmartCart AGCs throughout the operation and transported to multiple subassembly stations.

The AGC technology provides Magna with the flexibility to scale up or down to accommodate the volume of production and product changes that take place.
The SmartCart AGCs are guided by magnetic tape and can easily be reconfigured to create new routes for the vehicles. This also helps reduce floor space and minimizes downtime.

Read the article at this link. A video of Magna’s assembly operation is available here. 

Webb is a subsidiary of the Japanese material handling technology developer Daifuku.

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