GR Firm Launches New RFID Gear

GRAND RAPIDS — The radio frequency identification technology provider eAgile Inc. Tuesday released its new RFID inlay, called MicroWing.

The company says the new inlay is the size of a paper clip — 8 mm by 22 mm — making it the smallest RFID inlay available on the market to achieve a greater than two-meter read range.

“Our healthcare clients asked us to develop a small tag with robust
performance and our results have been so favorable that the
MicroWing appears to be a game changer for the entire RFID
marketplace,” said eAgile CEO Gary Burns. “This tag provides a new option for item level intelligence and we look forward to using the MicroWing to overcome many challenging applications worldwide.”

The company says the tags offer faster read-write cycles as well as longer read range, and are more durable than current equipment in harsh environments.

“Combining our small form antenna design with the improved
read/write sensitivity and automatic tuning features produces a highly responsive and versatile tag,” said eAgile presidnet Peter Phaneuf. “This versatility allows us to use the MicroWing in
applications which previously required larger format tags.”

The company says MicroWing was designed for pharmaceutical and health care products — but can be adapted for packaging of jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, footwear and other intelligent packaging applications.

RFID tags mark merchandise in the warehouse and on the shelf through low-power radio, for applications in inventory analysis and security.

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