GR Firm To Supply Wireless Charging Gear To English Firm

GRAND RAPIDS — Grand Rapids-based Gill Electronics Inc. announced an agreement for Gill to provide its wireless power transmitters and receivers to London, England-based Chargifi Ltd.

Chargifi will be installing and distributing these products along with its smart wireless charging network system beginning immediately. The companies said this rapid deployment of next generation wireless power technology will set the standard for how wireless charging should be experienced in public places.

Gill recently introduced what it said is the first commercially available resonant wireless charging applications for mobile devices. Resonant products allow users to charge their mobile phone, tablets, laptops and other devices without the need for plugging into an outlet. The products allow for charging of multiple devices on the same charge area, spatial freedom for flexibility in placement, and the ability to charge devices with different power requirements on the same area — for example, a smart phone and laptop.

Said Brad Miller, Gill Electronics Chief Technology Officer: “Our Rezence certified products provide the ease of installation and the great user experience needed to charge not only smart phones, but tablets and laptops, which are key in driving the global ecosystem.”

With Rezence, Chargifi plans to do for power what Wi-Fi has done for data, creating an international network of Chargifi ‘spots’ to power people through their day. Chargifi has a global base including Europe, India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and China, for distribution and installation of the systems.

“Gill provides the perfect complement with its leading edge technology and products to go with our best-in-class smart network solution,” said Dan Bladen, Chargifi founder and CEO. “We plan to install 100,000 charging spots by the end of 2015, with installations in North America, Europe, and Asia.”

Products and demonstrations can be seen at the 2015 International CES this week in Las Vegas in booth 30364 in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Gill operates 20 manufacturing, development and strategic partner centers in the US, Europe, China, India, Korea and Mexico. For more information visit or

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