Online Tech To Host IT Disaster Recovery Workshop

ANN ARBOR — The hosted services provider Online Tech Inc. will host an IT Disaster Recovery Workshop Thursday, Feb. 19 at its Westland data center on Hix Road.

The company says the event will feature expert guidance and best practices learned from real life experience recovering IT systems — both from human-made and natural disasters.

In this half-day morning workshop, participants will get the opportunity to:
* Walk through a business continuity planning exercise;
* Review different IT architecture options for meeting three different IT disaster recovery scenarios; and
* Learn lessons from teams that have seen it all in the real life recovery of hundreds of companies from the brink of both human-made and natural disasters.

Attendance is limited to 50 people, and registration is required to save a seat.

Also, if you are willing to share first-hand knowledge of a prior IT disaster recovery situation, you will get the opportunity to get valuable expert counsel and peer review during the IT disaster recovery architecture options portion of the morning. Only three spots are available for consideration. Please indicate your interest on the registration form and someone will contact you for further

Also, you may request a private consultation following the morning workshop. Note that private sessions depend on expert availability and are not guaranteed.

Disaster recovery experts scheduled to participate in the event include Lance Thompson, founder and president of Baseline Data Services, who has 30 years of IT business experience; Steven Aiello, a technical architect who works closely with clients’ infrastructure and security teams to design highly resilient architectures, and a former senior product architect at Online Tech; and Nick Lumsden, online Tech director of infrastructure, who has 15 years of experience in the technology industry from software engineering to
infrastructure and operations to IT leadership.

More at this link. 

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