TRW To Exhibit At 2015 International CES

LIVONIA — TRW Automotive will be exhibitng several advanced technologies at the International CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show) Jan. 6-9 in Las Vegas.

Included are:

* TRW’s S-cam 3 camera, which supports Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for highway speeds as a standalone sensor.

* TRW’s next-generation camera system – the S-Cam4 family – will include a premium three lens camera, TriCam4, which has an expanded object detection range and field of view over prior camera generations. The TriCam4 adds a telephoto lens for improved long distance sensing, and a fish-eye lens for improved short range sensing ideal for semi-automated driving functions such as Highway Driving Assist and Traffic Jam Assist.

* TRW’s next generation radar family, AC1000, can enable 360-degree sensing capabilities and the option of dual mode functionality that covers both low speed and high speed applications in one unit. Suitable for front, rear and side sensing applications, the AC1000 can be used for a range of safety functions including
forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, emergency steering assist and pedestrian detection.

* TRW’s Safety Domain ECU (SDE) uses open AUTOSAR architecture and integrates a number of chassis, suspension and Drive Assist Systems (DAS) control functions. The second generation SDE will offer greater performance when compared to its previous generation and will be a key technology in supporting
semi-automated driving and car-to-car communication.

* TRW’s traffic jam assist function enables a car to follow the vehicle in front while keeping in its lane, up to a specific vehicle speed. This is another example of a semi-automated driving function.

* TRW’s Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) combines advanced Driver Assist Systems (DAS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to slow a vehicle travelling at high speed and potentially mitigate the severity of an impact when a collision is unavoidable.

* TRW’s Emergency Steering Assist function supports the driver in an emergency situation where the driver initiates an evasive steering maneuver. The function calculates optimal trajectories around the target vehicle. An additional steering torque is applied to assist the driver during evasive maneuver and also assist the
driver in stabilizing the vehicle

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