Calumet Electronics Sees $3M Capital Investment

CALUMET — Calumet Electronics Corp. has announced an investment of close to $3 million in capital equipment, infrastructure improvements and technology upgrades.

Calumet produces high-performance printed circuit boards with some of the industry’s highest defect-free manufacturing (DFM) rates. Due to such investments over the prior decade, Calumet has thrived at a time when 70 percent of its competitors have shut their doors.

Ten years ago there were more than 700 PCB manufacturers in the U.S. Due to the recession and an increase in outsourcing, closer to 230 exist today.

“We’re constantly increasing quality, capabilities, and turn-around times. We have a great capital reinvestment plan,” said Mike Kadlec, vice president of corporate development.

Calumet’s 46-year track record is largely driven by investments that improve its ability to increase manufacturing productivity and efficiencies, including a new Orbotech Paragon 16W Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) machine, which provides high accuracy and high volume imaging, and new electronics tester, laser drills and other equipment.

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