Oakland County Partners With MITechNews.Com To Reach Bigger Tech Audience

PONTIAC — Oakland County, through its Tech248 initiative, and the technology news website MITechNews.Com have partnered to enable Oakland County technology companies to reach a wider Michigan audience with a flip of the switch, County Executive L. Brooks Patterson announced.

By submitting press releases to brennan@mitechnews.com, Oakland County technology companies will reach a dozen Michigan technology news outlets at one time.

“Oakland County tech companies of all stages will now have the opportunity to put their latest developments in front of Michigan’s tech-savvy audiences.” Patterson said. “With one click of the button, our tech companies can reach a dozen Michigan technology news outlets.”

Four technology news websites, three technology news podcast channels, two e-newsletters, an Internet radio station, a Clear Channel radio station, and the Michigan Talk Radio network comprise the distribution list. They include Oakland County’s Prosper newsletter, MITechNews.com, WJR radio’s Internet Advisor show (InternetAdvisor.net), Michipreneur.com, and ITintheD.com.

Collectively, they reach more than 133,000 tech news consumers each month.

“We’re looking to cover what’s happening in Oakland County, one of the hot beds for technology activity in Michigan,” said Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of MITechNews.com. “That not only includes what’s happening with Oakland County’s technology startups, but also any companies developing great technology products.”

Tech248 is a new initiative by Oakland County to promote its 2,000 technology companies and attract high-tech jobs. In addition to helping technology companies promote themselves, Tech248 will host monthly networking events.

For more information, visit MITech248.Com.

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