New Health Promotion App From Royal Oak Developer

ROYAL OAK — Royal Oak-based Marvel Apps LLC has announced the release of Carrot, a new app to give consumers rewards for leading an active lifestyle.

Said Marvel Apps president Michael Antaran: “People want to save money, and people want to live healthier. Carrot helps people do both. They receive immediate, relevant offers from participating businesses, and they’re also rewarded — financially — for doing things like walking, bicycling and shopping.”

Carrot is now available as a free download on the Apple App Store. The app combines Apple’s Passbook, HealthKit and iBeacon technologies with the reach of Facebook to provide a customized tool to connect businesses and customers.

Carrot is a universal pass that allows users to receive immediate, relevant offers from Carrot-registered businesses. In addition to those savings, users also earn bonus points, called ‘Carrot Points,’ just for being active.

“By tapping into Apple’s HealthKit feature, Carrot rewards you with redeemable points for each step you take, for each mile you bike, and for each participating business you visit,” Antaran said.

Approximately 200 businesses, including 170 in Michigan, are onboard for Carrot’s debut with beacons installed at their locations. Using Bluetooth technology, these beacons will transmit information to the lock screens of iPhones and iPods with the Carrot app once the user is within 200 feet of a beacon.

“It’s completely unobtrusive, and you’ll never receive more than one message at a time,” said Antaran. “Most importantly, your privacy is completely protected — we needed to demonstrate that to both Apple and Facebook before we received their approval.”

Antaran said business register by downloading the app, signing in on their Facebook, account, “and they’re ready to offer deals – that’s it. Beacons can be ordered directly through our website, and they immediately have access to an in-depth analytics package and, of course, tech and marketing support.”

That website is

The cost to businesses, Antaran said, is $2 a day to provide unlimited offers.

Crain’s Detroit Business has named Marvel Apps as one of Michigan’s Top 10 App Developers in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Company founder Antaran was selected by Goldman Sachs to participate in its 2014 10k Small Business Program – a program he successfully completed while developing Carrot. More at

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