New Analytic Software From Midland Company

MIDLAND — Sologic has released version 2.0 of Causelink Enterprise, browser-based root cause analysis software that makes it easier for teams to collaborate across the globe, share lessons learned, and spot systemic issues.

Features and improvements in this release were based upon customer feedback and include:
* Charting and reporting is browser based – no plug-ins or downloads required.
* Root cause analysis workflow tracks the steps your team needs to take to complete an RCA. And the workflow structure can be customized to align with your work processes.
* Solutions are tracked from conception until validation, allowing managers to review and approve before implementation.
* Drag & drop evidence, solutions, notes, and actions onto causes to form relationships.
* Additional chart output capabilities allowing users to control details displayed on the chart.
* Cause color definitions on the chart.
* Ability to set themes and combine the report and chart into one PDF output.
Shared file attachments with RCA-level security.
* Action tracking with e-mail notification.
* Control of RCA view and edit capability at the individual or group level.
* Integration with Google Maps to display open RCAs, color-coded by severity level.
* Capability to integrate with 3rd party software, including action tracking, asset management, and problem management.
* Improvements in charting experience, sidebar interaction and working with large RCAs.

Sologic plans to add new features to this platform in 2015 with mobile RCA software tools, additional language support, and new Causelink modules.

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